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Krav Maga Yashir Boston
Charlestown Maritime Center (3rd Floor)
200 Terminal Street
Charlestown, MA 02129.
Telephone: +1 (339) 224-8005

Our Studio is a 16 000 sq ft facility on the 3rd Floor of the Charlestown Maritime Center (located under the Tobin Bridge, on Terminal Street), which has a 157 car, secure parking lot

Children's Martial Arts Boston (6-8)

Kids Martial Arts in Boston For Children Aged 6 to 8 Our Children's Martial Arts Program incorporates striking, blocking and kicking from traditional Karate, along with throwing and groundwork from Judo. This is coupled with Krav Maga self-defense techniques to create a truly effective and comprehensive self-defense and martial arts system that fuses modern reality based self-defense with that of the traditional martial arts. Your child's safety is always our number one priority and we have removed many of the techniques from these systems that are potentially dangerous for children to practice, such as strangulations, chokes, locks and punches to the face etc. Because we have removed these things we are able to have your child practice our system with full movement and speed, which allows them to develop and progress faster than in many other systems of martial arts.

Because our training is dynamic in nature and involves constant movement, your child will see a great improvement in all areas of fitness; both in their aerobic capacity, their physical strength as well as with their flexibility. The health and wellness benefits your child will enjoy as a result of our training programs are enormous. Our classes are all designed for active participation and employ games and drills as well as extensive partner work to ensure that your child gets a full and rewarding workout, whilst learning essential martial arts and self-defense skills.

Our Children's Martial Arts Program is organized into belts and your child will progress through the belt system, working their way towards their Junior Black Belt. We conduct belt gradings every 2-3 months (unlike most schools we don't charge for these) giving your child to demonstrate the techniques they've learnt and the skills they've improved on since the last grading. This is a great way for them to learn to set a goal, work towards it and then achieve it. We celebrate each belt test with a grading ceremony where your child receives their new belt and a certificate of achievement.

Children's Martial Arts Program (Ages 6 to 8)

Children aged 6 to 8 are still developing many of their basic physical skills, such as balance and general co-ordination (hand-eye, foot-eye etc) and so the techniques we teach to children this age, are aimed at developing, enhancing and improving these basic skills. Rather than overwhelm your child with having to learn and remember complex patterns of movements, in each class we teach only one new technique and train it using drills and games whilst showing how it can be incorporated with the others that they've already learnt. Our aim is to see your child succeed and not become frustrated in their practice/training and so we teach them to do a few things well instead of overloading them with a lot of movements and techniques that they're not really able to perform or remember.

As well as teaching a particular technique we also help develop the physical skills that are needed for the technique to be performed properly. If we teach a particular kick, we also teach and practice drills and games that will help develop the necessary balance and stability skills that are needed to stand on one leg etc. We never forget that your child is still physically developing and so we never put our own "adult expectations" on them.

We also acknowledge that children learn best through play and when they're having fun, so although we run are classes in a disciplined fashion and expect certain levels of behavior we aim to make every class enjoyable and exciting.

To see our Children's Martial Arts class schedule and corresponding price list, as well as instructions on how to register your child for classes please click here

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